About Us

Eventmakers Cosmetics LLC was originally created  in 2007 to provide high quality, high  performance  cosmetics to cheer, dance and  gymnastic teams  across the country. We wanted  these young girls to  be able to perform with confidence and not worry  about their makeup smudging or running during the  highlight of their performance!

 “Mom’s” began wearing some of the makeup and  we now provide the same high quality cosmetics to women across the country.

Our mission is to bring the highest standard of  quality and service to the industry while offering competitive pricing.

We are not only in the business of selling makeup,  but we want to build relationships with our customers.

From always wearing makeup as a little girl then performing as a competition cheerleader and moving into a mom of a competition dancer, makeup  all types  are part of me. I live, love and breathe makeup.
As the CEO of Eventmakers Cosmetics, I am  personally committed to researching the products that I bring to you, your child, or your team! I myself confidently wear our products!

Thank you for your interest in Eventmakers Cosmetics

Anna Quin