GTC All-Star Cheer says...

Thank you so much, everything looks great! I'll send you some pictures of the girls with their "Event Makers" makeup on. Thank you again, we are very pleased and you are wonderful to work with! Take care.
Chrissy Gulan
GTC All-Star Cheer
Troy, Michigan

Cheer Force Athletics says...

We got our make-up and it once again is exactly what we needed. I must say in the cheer industry I find that most vendors have horrible customer service and work ethic. The customer has to chase down vendors to get what they need, once they get the order in, often the product is held up or ends up incorrect once received. It is truly a breath of fresh air to have a vendor who has great customer service, has great products and does as promised. If you ever should branch out into uniforms, shoes, hair pieces, bow, etc. Please let me know, because I will be one of your first customers! Cheers.
Julie Bessey
Cheer Force Athletics
Romeoville, Illinois

Flip Factory X-Treme All Stars says...

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful this ordering experience was. It was so nice to talk with you in the initial call and get real LIVE feedback on what colors compliment one another. Our makeup arrived so quickly and was exactly what we wanted the first time. Our parents and our girls were so pleased with the products! There were no breakouts and rashes from the makeup and it washed off easily. You really have a wonderful product and I wish you all the luck in the world. I will be one of your biggest promoters! I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks again!
Casey Bosley
Flip Factory X-Treme All Stars
Fairmont, West Virginia

Capital City Cheer says...

I received the make up on Thursday. What great service! You were right about the eye liner. Alyssa, my daughter, loves it!! It goes on so smooth and it isn't messy at all. I will show the coaches and owners on Sunday. Even if we don't order it this year, hopefully we can for next. I think I will be ordering some for my daughter anyway.
Elizabeth Curlee
Capital City Cheer
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Belly Dancer says...

Love the glitter that was sent! It stayed on last weekend in the heat and humidity. I couldn't believe it! Thank you so much. I still need some cards from to give out since I got so many compliments on the make-up.
Kelly Hawes
Belly Dancer
Wilmington, North Carolina

Heartland Flyers Allstars says...

Just wanted to say thank you for creating a cheer make up that actually stays on the eye. For so many years we have used other brands and the make up would come off, get in their eyes, cause rashes, etc... However, with Event Makers we have no problems. The make up goes on easy, it looks great, and I know if we have any questions I can call and get a quick response. We look forward to working with you next year.
Stacy Porter
Heartland Flyers Allstars
Elizabethtown, Kentucky

East Coast Elites says...

The products worked well. We had a competition this past weekend and took first and second places. The glitter stayed on all morning from 8 until after 3. Thanks so much, i will have to send you a picture of one of the girls with their makeup on. Thanks for such a great product!
East Coast Elites
Summerville, South Carolina