Glitter Makeup that is FUN and EASY to apply

Tired of cosmetic glitter that falls off or clumps? The best way to avoid this is by using tried and true tested products that work! Proper application of these products is also essential to getting the desired look you are trying to achieve.
Let’s begin by using liquid Show Seal (eye shadow base). First, you would apply Show Seal to the desired area with the sponge tip applicator; a thin layer is all that is needed. Less is more in this situation. After, dip the applicator into the desired Show Sparkle of your choice. Pat the glitter where you applied the Show Seal until every part of that area is covered. If you merely just wipe on the glitter it will not have the desired look that patting achieves. Brush away any excess that may have fallen when applying product.  In addition, to keep your products fresh, always wipe off sponge tip applicator before re-dipping into the Show Seal bottle.
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