Tips for applying Performance Cosmetics

Show Sparkle: First apply Show Seal to the desired location with the sponge tip applicator, and then dip the applicator into the pot of glitter and PAT on your glitter until the entire area is covered. With a cosmetic brush, brush away any excess glitter.
Show Seal:  This product can be used with Show Sparkles, Show Shimmers, and Glitter Stars. Apply Show Seal to the desired location then pat on the desired product. For best results, wipe applicator off between dips to keep product fresh.
Glitter Lips:  First, apply the lipstick/gloss of your choice and pat on the Show Sparkle over top.
Shimmer Paint:  Apply to lid or brow area and allow a few seconds to dry. Shimmer paint can be used with Show Sparkle and Show Shimmer products, being patted over the top of paint while paint is still wet.
Removal of makeup is easy. Soap and warm water or even a baby wipe will do.
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