Wheww...It's Hot!

Wheww...It's Hot!
Summer means...no school, swimming, and of course CHEER CAMP!
We know firsthand how to deal with the makeup vs. heat dilemma (did I mention my squad is in prime performance season...pic attached).  We have learned a few tricks of the trade over the years!  Since we are cheering our butts off right along with you I wanted to share a few tips to consider:
For full performance make up face:
-- PRIME!  This is a deal breaker.  Priming will hold foundation nicely in place and can be found in the cosmetic section of any local Target, ect.
For casual everyday or camp:
--Mix your foundation with moisturizer and make your own tinted moisturizer!  Mix equal parts in the palm of your hand and blend –blend- blend.  You can even add some skin boosting serum.  This version is light and will keep your skin feeling great (no meltdown necessary)
--If you really need coverage only put it where you need it that way you won’t feel like your makeup is melting off.  mix your foundation with a bit of primer and add it to the trouble spots.
Send us your Cheer Camp pictures for our Facebook page!...there might be a contest coming up :)
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